Sensors that learn.

The SensoDx platform leverages the programmable-bio-nano-chip (p-BNC) technology developed over the past decade. The programmable-bio-nano-chip platform exists in two configurations, both of which exploit the same disposable footprint and both use image-based data extraction methodologies. The common mechanical and optical considerations here afforded provide significant points of leverage for the efficient development of new diagnostic tests. The first mini-sensor system is based on a supported bead micro array and serves for the analysis of soluble targets. The second system utilizes a supported membrane filter suitable for capture of cells and bio-particle. Both sensors function as efficient biomarker capture devices (soluble and cellular) and enable a read out on a high performance, yet affordable imaging system. The imaging systems have been adapted from and leverage digital camera and smart phone related technologies. Collectively, the two SensoDx sensor ensembles form a modular platform system that demonstrates one of the largest analyte diversity for any lab-on-a-chip system available to date. Importantly, these chip sensor systems have been the subject of major clinical trials where first of a kind data sets have been acquired.