Dr. Robert M. Mehalso, Chief Executive Officer for SensoDx II, LLC., is an internationally recognized expert in the field of nanotechnology. His work made possible the high-volume micro/nano-manufacturing processes that are used to create fuel injection nozzle structures, inkjet print heads, medical diagnostic devices, and the CD-ROM. Dr. Mehalso has more than thirty years’ experience in academics and industry. In 1989, he established the US first corporation dedicated to the commercialization of nanofabrication. Within four years, it grew to more than 200 employees. His company, Microtex Associates, provides nanotechnology consulting services to more than a hundred clients in industry, academics, and government on every major continent. He co-founded a $100 million venture fund, which was the first fund to focus exclusively on nano science and technology.

Dr. John T. McDevitt serves as the Scientific Founder and Chief Scientific Officer for SensoDx II, LLC. Dr. McDevitt is currently the Chair of the Biomaterials Department at New York University. He has a strong track record of translating essential bioscience discoveries into real-world clinical practice. For the past 5 years, McDevitt’s group has focused primarily on development of portable diagnostic devices that have potential to replace high-cost, lab-based, time-consuming diagnostic tests. He now serves as the Principal Investigator for 6 major clinical trials and 2 clinical pilot studies all involving the programmable bio-nano-chip. He has published over 185 peer reviewed papers and has secured numerous high profile awards. Through his clinical efforts, the mini-sensor ensembles are being developed for major diseases in the areas of cardiac disease, trauma, drugs of abuse, oral cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

Sensors that learn.