SensoDx provides OEM diagnostic solutions to strategic partners that already have established customer bases yet are in need of a next generation diagnostic platform. SensoDx delivers its affiliate partners with universal diagnostics instrumentation, customized assays, software solutions and services for various market sectors including wellness testing, point of care diagnostics, food safety, drugs of abuse testing and others. In this capacity, SensoDx specializes in development of state-of-the-art multi-parameter point-of-care diagnostic solutions that relay test information directly to patients and healthcare providers using intuitive mobile health (mHealth) interfaces. SensoDx seeks to change the current diagnostics paradigm that focuses on late stage disease diagnosis in traditional hospital settings to new consumer friendly testing venues using noninvasive sampling methods. The SensoDx platform is based on the programmable bio-nano-chip (p-BNC) technology. The approach is suitable for broad range of testing modalities including protein, antibody, general chemistry, drug/metabolite, oligonucleotide, cell counting, and cytology assays.

Over the past few decades, the use of biomarkers has become increasingly intrinsic to the practice of medicine and clinical decision-making.  Clinically validated biomarkers—whether nucleic acid, protein or metabolite—provide clinicians a way to quickly and objectively measure, track and diagnose a patient’s past and present physiological state for a wide range of conditions. As a result, biomarkers help patients receive appropriate care, which in turn helps reduce healthcare costs—a boon for health insurers. Biomarker-based tests are typically developed by diagnostic developers, and are often purchased and performed by medical testing companies. Biomarkers also help pharmaceutical companies quickly and efficiently screen their candidate drug products for dosing, pharmacokinetics, safety and efficacy, thus simultaneously speeding up and lowering the costs of drug. Upstream in R&D continuum, bioscience researchers look for biomarkers to help understand disease etiologies.

All SensoDx offerings have the distinct advantage of being backed by a decade of research and $30M in funding from Federal and Foundation grants through partnership with the McDevitt laboratory. Likewise, the core technology and clinical applications are extremely well vetted scientifically. More importantly, the SensoDx approach through collaboration with the McDevitt laboratory is now being validated through 6 major clinical trials and 2 clinical pilot studies involving 10 clinical sites and over 5000 patients. These studies are some of the largest lab-on-a-chip protein biomarker-based clinical trials ever initiated, thereby providing invaluable samples and data for validating the diagnostic platform, while also securing a significant competitive advantage towards rapid regulatory approval and commercialization.

Sensors that learn.